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Smo Services

The inception of Social media has changed the whole scenario of promoting a business whether it is a service or product. It has witnessed an unprecedented measure of popularity in a very short span of time. With billions of users worldwide, it is now the place of choice for people to meet, talk, share and exchange views and build network. This also makes social media  marketing (SMM)one of the most potent business promotion tools, as it instantly reach your business to a galaxy of people all around the world, and has the potential for spreading word-of-mouth awareness and interest in your business in an organic manner. This is a good enough reason why you should opt for social media optimization (SMO) service to an experienced and skilled company such as Ideatchnosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Let us give a very brief introduction about Social Media. Social media is the name given to virtual Online communities where people come and share information or content with other people. Content can be of different things, starting from text, images, videos, audios, graphics. It is a highly interactive platform for users to create and share their own content, and gives people the perfect medium to communicate with other people based on their own preferences. Popular social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

Our Offerings in SMO Services:

  • Using social media for generating sales needs specific skills and expertise. Social media can be a tricky place for promoting a business, as it takes a long time for people to build trust and confidence about a new company.
  • To take advantage of the huge potential of social media, you need a company that has a complete understanding of how social media works in correlation with human behaviour. What kind of use of social media would have a positive effect on your business?
  • The company to whom you give responsibilities of doing your SMO work should possess sound marketing skills and valuable experience in the field of social media management. We can proudly say that we are one of the best in the market from where you can find the best result.

Our process of SMO:

  • Give you sample posts to train you and to identify content
  • Hashtag Engine Optimization (HEO) - Identify the right hashtags (# tags)
  • Create necessary graphics, Presentations, Videos etc.
  • Professionally written content by expert writers
  • Keep constant communication with you through Skype etc
  • Monitor progress and update with provide reports
  • Identify the right social media platforms that would work best for your business
  • Content Marketing and content Modification
  • Use social sharing tools collaboratively with you
  • Competitor study and continuous analysis
  • Measure ROI with metric tools and Continuous planning based on Custom Reports
  • Dedicated team of social media professional

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