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Ppc Services

Our Offerings in PPC Services

If you are searching for a trusted PPC advertising service provider then you can trust on Ideatechnosolutions Pvt. Ltd situated in Bhubeswar, odissha. We are in this industry for more than 5 years and have done business in almost all parts of the globe with few hundreds of satisfied customers. We give constant effort to any business that comes our way as we have a dedicated team with us.  We are the right name to get PPC advertising services as we give results from the day one. We always follow PPC advertising correctly, which has allowed us to earn 100% client satisfaction.
How we provide the best PPC services:

•    Focus on Strategy & Objective: Being a renowned SEO and PPC advertising agency; we assist you to decide your target market & pay-per-click objectives.  We develop a feasible strategy for you to achieve the best outcomes at affordable cost per click. For this, we also keep an eye on your competitors’ strategy.
•    Right Keyword Derivation: In order to target your business whether it is services or products, we conduct ample keyword research to create ad groups and themed campaigns for relevant search phrases.
•    Sponsored Ads Display: We bring instant visibility for your business by featuring compelling ads to the target audience, which makes us as the best PPC advertising service provider.
•    Bid & Optimization Management: We ensure enhanced conversion rates via automatic & manual bid management and effective landing page optimization.
•    Powerful Reporting & Tracking: Our experts use tracking tools like Google Analytics in order to attain analytic and bid management solutions for enterprise level clients.

Our broad range of PPC advertising services:
•    PPC landing page creation
•    Creating Ad Copyright
•    Ad campaign set up &
•    Campaign report management
•    Paid search strategy implementation
•    Better leads & sales
•    Increased paid traffic
•    Improved ROI
•    Reduced CPC
•    Bid management
•    ReTargeting

Benefits of hiring us as the best PPC advertising service provider:
•    Experienced professionals to manage PPC accounts
•    100% satisfactory outcomes at final project delivery
•    Quality PPC management at competitive prices
•    24 hour communication support
•    Follow transparent business policy
•    Effective, ethical and trustworthy services
•    Convincing ROI on your ad spend
•    Use of the latest trends compliant with the search engine industry

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