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Facebook Marketing

With more than 800 million users on facebook, enterprises worldwide has taken a serious outlook on their social media marketing. Feathersoft offers the most competitive marketing campaign on the world's largest social networking platform with their Facebook Marketing Services helping brands have a strong social media presence. We deliver competitive Facebook Marketing Services customized to suit the social marketing needs of your business, helping you bring up your brand value on the web and connect better with your target audience.

Why Facebook Marketing need for business ?

  1. Building a Community :- Community is invaluable for businesses today. Consumers want to develop a relationship with companies and to feel like they have a connection to a brand. That’s what makes them choose one brand over another. Facebook is the perfect platform to help you develop personal relationships with your customers and to help them to get to know one another as well. It allows your customers get more insight into how your business works, who your team members are, what you find interesting and what your place in the industry is.
  2. Start Conversations :- Facebook is one of the best methods of starting organic conversations and learning more about your customers. It’s an easy way to be involved in word-of-mouth conversations and to get direct feedback from your target audience. It’s a quick and easy way to conduct instant polls and glean valuable information just by talking to your audience! Ask questions on your page and offer authentic responses to questions posed by others.
  3. Viral Promotion :- Content is king these days. Giving your audience something that they can share with their network increases your reach in faster and more effective ways than traditional marketing is capable of. If your company offers your audience interesting content to share, people will be introduced to your brand as a provider of content rather than feeling like they’re being pressured into making a purchase. It’s content marketing 101: Keep your page filled with engaging content that is relevant to your audience and encourage people to share and like your content! And if you aren’t sure how to find interesting content to share, then don’t worry, I I some resources I will share in an upcoming blog post that will defiantly help you. So look for that blog post soon.
  4. Millennials :- According to Pew Research, 81% of Millennials are active on Facebook. Where else can you find your target audience browsing for hours a day in one confined place? One of the biggest challenges of marketing strategies is figuring out how to reach your audience, and Facebook has a ready-made community that you can tap into immediately! It’s too valuable a resource to ignore.
  5. Growth :- Facebook simply helps businesses grow. There are no downsides to having a Facebook page if you devote some energy and time to it. All you have to do is post links and content that are useful and interesting to your fans and you will grow a loyal fan base for your business. Anytime someone likes your page or shares it, it has a chance of appearing in the news feeds of their friends. It’s inexpensive and easy advertising that, over time, will really help build your business.
    In short, yes, Facebook does really matter! It’s one of the easiest, cheapest and most efficient ways to communicate with your customers, create brand loyalty and grow your business to increase revenues. Creating a business profile and consistently adding content to your page can offer tremendous rewards to a business. If you’re not taking advantage of this tool yet, now is the time to get started!


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